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Title of the work: Rapid Reunion
Rating of the work: PG
Recipient of the work: Linkaria
Series the work is for: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Spoiler warnings: For the whole series & the Legendary War at the start of Gokaiger.
Any warnings/kinks/advertisements: N/A
Author's notes: I'm sorry it's late! The prompt was team bonding, so I wanted an excuse to get them back together after Gokaiger (I always found the Gao episode really sad ...) Hope you enjoy it!

White was the first to say what everyone had been thinking: "I miss being Gaoranger. I miss being us."

The others all nodded or gave some form of assent, except for Yellow, who stared down into his glass. Kakeru imagined that Yellow must be thinking back to the beginning, to being the first one recruited by Tetomu. He wanted to say something to Yellow; but aloud he just said "I hadn't realized how much I missed GaoLion."

Black (always Black, no matter how long they'd all known each other's names by now) said "We called our dog Bison. I named him that. I haven't told the kids why."

That was when Blue finished the rest of his beer in one gulp and said "So why can't we be a team again? We need another adventure."

Kakeru did not want to point out that they'd only recently had an adventure, if anyone could call it that, and that it had ended in all 34 Super Sentai teams losing their powers. He didn't need to, because Yellow said "Don't you think we've had enough trouble?"

"We defeated an invasion of earth, dammit!" said Blue. "I know it's been a long time, but we've still got it. We can do anything."

White said, "We can't be a team without Silver."

"We have Silver," Yellow spoke up. "He was with us when we needed him. If we ever really need him again, he'll be back."

Blue waved his hand, "I don't mean we have to go out and save the world all over again. We should just do something for the fun of it. Just us."

"Aren't we having fun already?" said Black, indicating the pub they were sitting in.

"Yeah, but we can go for drinks any time. Let's do something else."

White produced a notepad from her bag. She began tearing off sheets and handing them around, "We should all write down an idea for something for us to do together! Then we can take a vote on it and pick the best one."

Kakeru thought. On one hand, he had responsibilities. He was on call even at weekends and worked very long hours; he ran his own practice, was in charge of his own staff. Most importantly of all, if an animal needed him, he had to be there. On the other, he hadn't taken a day off in almost ten years – not since going back to work after the first time he'd been a Gaoranger. One day with his old friends couldn't hurt. He took a pen out of his pocket and scribbled Nature walk on the sheet.

About ten minutes later, Kakeru's pen now long missing, White gathered up the papers.

"Picnic," she read aloud from the first one.

Blue tried to keep from laughing, which was at least more consideration than he might have shown in the past. Within a few seconds he had failed horribly.

"What's wrong with a picnic? It's a lovely thing to do with your friends! We had a great time at the company picnic last year," said Black.

Kakeru said "But I thought you owned the –" He stopped there, realising too late that he probably shouldn't go on any further. The last he'd heard was that Black and Shi-chan had taken over the shop they once worked in, after the original owner retired; but that had been some time back, now. Quite a long time. It was beginning to sink in for him just how far he and his old companions had grown apart.

"Oh. Yeah. That was a while ago. Someone else bought us out." Black looked down at the table as if he thought he might find the meaning of life engraved onto its surface, "It's not so bad. They gave us a nice amount of money for it."

"This is why we need a day out! Or a night out. Whatever. So we can catch up on all this stuff," said Blue.

White continued reading, "Snowboarding."

Blue beamed. When no one acknowledged the suggestion, he said "Have you guys got a better idea?"

She frowned as she looked at the next sheet, "I can't read your writing, Yellow."

"I thought we could go to the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum," he said.

"You must have been there hundreds of times already," said Black.

"I have. You haven't."

"Very detailed trip to the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum with only half an hour allowed for lunch. Nature walk. Amusement park," said White. "So what are we gonna do?"


As it turned out, they didn't end up choosing any of those ideas.

"Are you sure about this?" said Kakeru.

They were all crowded onto the back seat of Black's minivan, the front seat taken up with a large picnic cooler. There was no room for it anywhere else because the storage space was full of everyone's spare clothes, sunscreen, first aid kits, bottles of water and Kakeru was sure he'd seen a rescue flare in there, even though they wouldn't be able to use it from the raft.

"We did say nothing dangerous," said White. "But I think it's gonna be fun."

"It's not that bad. You wanted to go, right? We got a good deal from that website, and it's not really dangerous. It's just a sport we haven't tried," said Blue.

Yellow held up his phone to show the others a website he'd brought up, "I didn't think it was a great idea. But actually, white water rafting has a pretty low injury rate. If we do it properly, we'll be safe."

Kakeru knew, of course, that you should never use an inflatable raft in open water except under careful supervision. He'd been so busy at work that he'd had little time to look at the website links the others had sent him. Given a chance to think it over properly, he might have tried to steer his teammates towards something else; but all the same, they seemed to be looking forward to it.

Blue leaned forward and tried to slip a gummy shark into the mouth of Black, who was now whimpering quietly.


"We're gonna die!" Black wailed.

"Can you please stop saying that?" said White.

"We're going to be fine. They'll find us." Kakeru tried to give Black a reassuring smile, and to stop thinking of the image of his own body dashed to pieces at the bottom of the rapids.

Black clutched onto Yellow's arm as Yellow shifted his weight slightly, "No! No, don't move! We'll capsize!"

Their guide, who had come with them from the activity centre, said "I've been doing this for eight years. Nobody's capsized in all that time."

"Have they ever got stuck on the rocks dangerously close to a sheer drop?" Kakeru asked.


Yellow said, quietly enough that the guide couldn't hear, "We could really use GaoEagle's help right about now."

The Gaorangers looked up at the sky. No one came to their aid.

"Silver would laugh his butt off at us if he could see us now," said Blue.

"I can't remember him laughing at anything," said White. She put her arm around Black as he began to sniffle.

"It's my fault," he said. "I was the one who wanted to go out and do something together."

"No you didn't. It was Blue's idea," said Yellow.

"I know, but I still feel responsible!"

"None of this would have happened if we'd gone snowboarding like I wanted," Blue interrupted them.

Kakeru couldn't complain. He'd wanted to feel close to his old friends again, after all. Just not quite as close as being crowded onto a raft that could be swept over the edge of a waterfall at any moment.


Ten hours later, a rescue helicopter arrived and took them back to the shore. By the time they had called their families, and were climbing back into Black's car, everyone agreed it had been an amazing day. They were already making plans to do it again during the summer break.
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[personal profile] g_uava 2014-12-18 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
I could see the Gaorangers doing ill-advised activities when left to their own devices XD This is a fun read and am always glad to see fics for older sentai series :D

[personal profile] linkaria 2014-12-18 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
*SCREECHES* oh my god this is the most adorable thing that absolutely breaks my heart THANK YOU

I love that you have them grow apart and have their lives not exactly smooth sailing, it's so real and it hits really close to home. It's exactly how I always feel seeing old friends after a long time, like, I'm so HAPPY but there's this feeling that I missed SO MUCH and that might cause some distance I'll never be able to bridge.


You hit the overall atmosphere of the series dead-on with this.

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Ahhh, this is glorious! I actually haven't seen all of Gaoranger yet (I am slowly making my way through both Super Sentai and Kamen Rider), but from what I've seen this is wondrous. I love the feel of everyone coming back together after they've drifted apart. You have a wonderful writing style that is very good at evoking emotion.

You also manage some absolutely brilliant humor with the situation they get themselves into. I hope that the next time they do it they have just as much fun.

Edited to add thank you so much for participating in the exchange! I hope that it was fun.
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