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If you are a writer or artist, this is the place for you to sign up!  Writers, please expect to write at least 1500 words; artists, please be prepared to do artwork of a similar caliber.  Please fill out the following form and submit.  Submissions will be kept hidden from other participants and just used to match you to exchange prompts.

Writer, Artist or Both: What can you offer?

Series Willing to Write/Draw For: Please fill in which series you can write for (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, Garo, etc.).  Be as specific as you can be (since, for example, being able to write for Kamen Rider Kuuga does not mean you can write for Gaim), but do feel free to say "all Showa Kamen Rider" or "all Heisei Super Sentai" or "all Garo" if that's true.

Relationship Types Willing to Write/Draw For:  Gen, f/m, m/m, f/f, polyamorous, any other pairing types Estel is forgetting

Things You Will Not Write/Draw:  List anything that you would absolutely not be willing to write/draw here, so we can try to avoid matching in a way that would make everyone unhappy.  (Examples of things to list here include incest, rape, hero/villain pairings, mpreg, dancing teddy bears, etc.  I don't need to know why you don't want to write it, either; if it would make you uncomfortable, I don't want to ask you to deal with it.)

Anything Else I Should Know:  Throw in any additional information you feel will help me match you better.

That's it!  I'll get prompts out to people in a reasonable time.  There will likely be four prompts; you may be able to write for all or only some of them, depending on how the match goes (people can request anything; I may not be able to find a writer for everything, though).  When you get your prompt, go crazy!  Have fun!


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