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Title: Limited Express
Recipient: box_of_doom
Series: ToQger
Characters: Tokacchi, Kagura, the rest of the ToQgers
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes, you just have to take a break.

Notes: box_of_doom, I'm so so sorry T____T I actually wrote for your first prompt, the Gokai/ToQ crossover, but somehow the drive it was on got displaced and long story short at this point I'm pretty sure it's either a) locked in one of my schools over winter break or b) lost at a training institute in a distant prefecture ;n; So I put this one together as quickly as I could but I hope you still enjoy it, and I still hope I can get your real gift to you sometime soon :(

Limited Express

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Title of the work: A Wish, A Spark
Rating of the work:
Recipient of the work:
Series the work is for:
Ressha Sentai ToQger
Spoiler warnings:
Vague spoilers through episode 38.
Any warnings/kinks/advertisements: Allusions to past torture but nothing graphic
Summary: After all the fighting is done, it ends where it started, at a festival, with Zett wanting Right. This is a post-series AU written after episode 39 came out; vague spoilers through episode 38 are present.


A Wish, A Spark )


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