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And now the part that everyone has been waiting for!  Please submit FOUR prompts in the same comment using the following template.  The first should be the one you most want filled; the last should be the last priority.  Please choose four prompts that would make you happy, though, because depending on the writer pool you might end up with anything from 1-4.  (The more series you give us to choose from, the more likely we'll be able to match everyone; the more popular your choice is in the fandom, the more likely we'll be able to match it.  That being said, ask for whatever you want, because there's a lot of toku out there that deserves a lot more love.  Especially on the Ultraman side of this fandom.)  Prompts will be kept screened from the rest of the community, though at least the filled one will be shown when the gift is given.

Prompt 1/2/3/4:
  Prompt however you want--a plot suggestion, a bit of song, whatever.  Try to offer guidance without hobbling your gift-giver.
Yes Please:  Offer a few suggestions of tropes/kinks/etc. that you enjoy.  The writer is under no obligation to use any/all, but I imagine we'd all like for our giftee to enjoy what they receive.
Never Ever List:  List anything that you absolutely DON'T want showing up in your gift; it can be anything from kissing to spiders to kissing spiders.  This will absolutely NOT be in your gift.
Preference for Fic versus Art:  How strongly do you feel about getting a piece of art versus a piece of fiction, on a scale from all fic to don't care to all art all the time.

Feel free to just do the "Yes Please" and "Never Ever List" once if they're the same for all your prompts; if they're different depending on the series, go ahead and use them for each prompt.
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