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This community is going to be a place where the tokusatsu fan community is able to do a fic and art exchange.  The way it's going to work is that there will be two sign-up posts, one for offering and one for requesting.  Offer to write/draw whatever you're comfortable with; request whatever you want in the toku genre.  The prompts will be given anonymously to those who sign up, with names of requesters only revealed when everything is posted in December.

The time-line as I'm seeing it now is:

Sign-ups: Open until Oct. 31st
Writers/Artists Work on Prompts: Nov. 1st-Dec. 13th.
Works are Posted: Dec. 13th-Dec. 31st, depending on participation

My idea is to post 1-2 pieces a day, so that everyone gets a chance to read (and hopefully comment) on a majority of the works.  (Plus it keeps the suspense going waiting for things to come up!)  If you sign up to participate and aren't able to complete your exchange piece, just let me know as soon as possible.  (Conversely, if you're really good at getting things done quickly and would be willing to offer to do more than one piece/to pinch-hit if the need arises, please let me know.)

Any suggestions for the good of the order should be asked here!  If everything's clear enough, just head up to the respective posts to sign up as a writer/artist or to make your requests.  Thanks a ton to everyone who participates!  It will hopefully be a good time for all.
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