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Creator: Linkaria (posted by Estel because Dreamwidth was giving them difficulty)
Type: Art
Rating: PG-13
Recipient: borrowedphrases
Series: Kamen Rider Gaim
Spoiler warnings: Post-series, so spoilers for the whole thing
Warnings/kinks/advertisements: None

Takatora/Kouta Direct link to the pic, for anyone who  wants it

So the original prompt is Takatora/Kouta, with a preference for height difference, so I was like, How do I do this while making myself sad. So I went back and found that since Kouta went Adam on everyone's asses, the cinematography usually tries to make him look as regal and imposing as possible by relying on upward and fullbody shots.

But Kouta is among the smallest in stature in the cast, so it's like, he's forced to become this scary god-like figure while we all know just yesterday he's a shortie adorable soft-hearted young boy who cries to his sister and his best friend when he's scared. Also, the show erases any trace of lively color there used to be on his clothes.

*dives into sea of angst*

Then this happened.

(Ink & watercolor pencils on A4. I hope you enjoy this, borrowedphrases. Sorry for sending it in so late 8D Also sorry for my inability to make happy fluffy things. Kouta is too tragic a character for me 8D.

Also I hope I'm not the only one drawing in this exchange. I feel so much pressure. 8D)
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