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A friendly reminder that we're approaching the deadline to drop out (Dec. 1st), and a guide to posting, since some of you wonderful folks are already set to go!

When you're ready, please post your finished work to the community.  You can link to an outside site if you'd like (and you're certainly welcome to cross-post once it goes live here), but please don't have your work available anywhere before Dec. 15th, 2014 and please make sure that wherever the work is hosted people will be able to see it with minimal stress.  (The current idea was to post a work a day to the community from the 15th-25th, but there's been some desire to see everything on the same day.  What's the general consensus?  Would people like the reveals spread out, or all on the same day?)

In your post, please include the following:
Title of the work:
Rating of the work:
Recipient of the work:
Series the work is for:
Spoiler warnings:
Any warnings/kinks/advertisements:
  (Please just be reasonable about this.  If you think people would like to/need to know about something in the work, make it obvious.  We all just want to have fun and make the holiday seasons a little nicer for all.)

That should be all about posting.  If I've forgotten something, please just ask!


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